23 September 2009

Cobra Double Wrap Belt

I really wanted a pink snakeskin double wrap belt, like I saw this summer in Harper's Bazaar magazine. I just can't imagine spending $$$ like that on a "novelty" belt when I have never actually worn a double wrap belt despite owning one at various times during the past 25 years.

I wondered, is this an "I can make that" scenario? So I bought a couple of small snakeskins, some leather glue, belting, a buckle and some rectangular rings. I didn't feel like driving out to Surrey to get real belting straps, so I used two $3 belts from the grocery store.

Here's what I used:

Here's what I did:

1. Decide on length of belt and add a few inches allowance per ring and the buckle.

2. Cut strips of snake the same width as the belting.

3. Apply contact cement to the belting and the snake strip, as per glue directions. Stick them together when waiting period is over. Trim snake as close to belting as possible.

***here is where you would apply edge dressing if required****

4. Grade the leather belting to make it easier to sew through.

5. Glue, then sew when dry, each ring in place. Try a ring before you do the buckle, just to get some experience because the ring is tricky.

6. Cut hole for buckle. Grade belting end, glue and sew buckle in.
7. Cut skinny strip for keeper, slide in loop left behind buckle. Glue ends. When dry, rotate the ends to the back side of the belt.

8.Punch holes on other end.
9. Wear with aplomb, outside of California only.

Total project cost $25

2 cobra skins $14

2 belts $6

Glue $4

Rings (used 2 of 6, $4 package) $1.33

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