12 September 2009

Completed Project!

On the hoof.

Click to enlarge. Sorry for the crooked photo. I take terrible photos.

Contrast Lining. The end justifies the means - the silk charmeuse is amazing to wear despite the swearing/praying fits during construction.

Bodice close up.

I love this dress. I'm in the market for some shoes with pink soles!


  1. Will you post one of you wearing it???? It's so prettttttty. I love the shape of this dress. I really want to make it in a neutral like you did and layer it over a turtleneck. I like fun linings too.

  2. Coming to you from PR. Thanks for posting this dress. I love the style. It is great to see it in a neutral color as well as the light blue used in the photo shoot of the mag. I would also like to see it on. The pink charmeuse lining is genius!

  3. Tres chic! And welcome to the blog world! :)