04 October 2009

Luxuria - Fabric Extravagance

Say hello to my newest friends:

The mail haul was excellent this week.
I indulged during the Fabricmart .com 20% off sale and ordered:
- black poly jersey (Vera Lavender, $6 per yard, 3 yards) Good basic. STASH.
- blue/black/brown/white silk jersey (Maggy something, $10 per yard, 3.5 yards) SO SO SO NICE! Will become DVF wrap dress or maybe the new Vogue 8379. SEW IMMEDIATELY.
- white and black cotton print (Vera Lavender, $8 per yard, 3 yards) I don't like this - I messed up on interpreting the scale and hand - it is very home-decish. DEEP STASH!
- crazy scribble stretch cotton print (Vera Lavender, $8 per yard, 2.5 yards) Nicer than it looked! But a bit too wild. The original use by Vera was a pair of horrible "city shorts". Barf. I think I will make a 60's shift dress or a blazer style jacket. SEW 3-6 months.
The pics are from http://www.fabricmartfabrics.com/xcart/home.php.
Obvs as none are crooked or otherwise horrible.

And from co-ops:
Kaufman Silk/Cotton Poplin ($10 yard, 3 yards) This fabric wasn't the bottom weight I anticipated. It is more like the hand of fine cotton shirting with the sheen of a charmeuse. I will make a shirt and use the rest for lining. SEW IMMEDIATELY.
And from the infamous Ressy's co-op (that's her pic), a fabulous magenta honey comb suiting ($10.50 yard, 3 yards). I swear I saw this fabric in at dress at Holt Renfrew, can't recall the designer but the dress was over a grand. STASH 3-6months.
Boy, you can tell I read a lot of those investing newsletters with the BUY-SELL-HOLD advice.

These are really nice fabrics, even the one I don't love. My last internet fabric purchases were so heinous, I showed them to my husband for entertainment value. His diplomatic response, "Did someone give those you?"
I cut myself off internet fabric for 6 months! Now I'm back!

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