13 September 2009

Next Up - McCall 6717

I'm bored of t-shirts and button downs. I need some variety. The next sewing project is a vintage pattern from 1946.

I think I will use a bright olive (leaf green?) double georgette from the stash.


  1. Vintage instructions
  2. My pattern is for a size 30 bust. I may have been this size when I was 11 years old. There will be serious grading.
  3. Finding suitable buttons.


  1. Coming to you from PR. I also have been buying vintage patterns from the 30s 40s 70s and 80s. I am waiting on fabric to arrive to make some PJs that look like something Katherine Kepburn would have worn!

    Post on PR when you finish this blouse!

  2. I love this pattern! I was actually trying to purchase it online and discovered this post. Have you completed it yet? I would love to know how it comes out. :)