25 October 2009

How I Spent my October Sewing Allowance

I have decided to give myself $150 per month to spend on my "vices" which primarily include sewing! Here's where the money went in October.
The "*" means I've already used it or it is a work in progress.
royal blue stretch wool 2m, $26
dark grey with multicolour speck poly tweed 2m, $12
dark turquoise silk charmeuse 2m, $42
royal purple silk charmeuse 1.5m, $32
Butterick 6927- vintage reprint of 1951 B3684, $9

New Look 6918, $3

*Butterick 5388, $4
I've already sewn up AND worn, B5388 view B in midnight teal silk charmeuse from PR NYC 2006, Metro Textiles. The vintage is a Holy Grail pattern (that means see it=buy it and the purchase is excluded from all self imposed bans) and I don't have immediate plans to sew it up. I plan to make up NL 6918 soonish - I will make the same view as the picture.
*silk thread, 2 spools, $9
Other crap:
I bought a More Magazine (for the Belinda Stronach article) and a Marie Claire when I didn't have a book to read on the train.

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